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Simplex Strainers

We specialize in the sales and application of industrial simplex strainers and duplex strainers.  The navigation buttons above will provide a brief description about that specific type of strainer and a link to our inquiry form which enables us to learn about your specific application and advise alternatives.

The strainers we offer are listed in order of simplicity within the navigation bar above with temporary strainers being the least sophisticated and duplex strainers the most complex design.

Temporary strainers are meant to be used temporarily and are typically used during the start-up or commissioning of newly installed or recently maintained pipeline systems.  Temporary strainers are a type of simplex strainer, which means the flow needs to be interrupted to clean the screen.

Y strainers (wye strainers) are another type of simplex strainer and, unlike temporary strainers, they are designed to be installed permanently.   Y strainers are designed to protect equipment downstream from particulates characteristic of an upset or in frequent condition and are NOT designed for continuous particle removal because the amount of surface area available is too small, resulting in frequent cleaning.

T strainers (tee strainers) are also a simplex strainer design, similar to a Y strainer however offering additional customizations.  As with Y strainers, T strainers are not designed for continuous particle removal.

Simplex strainers are the most common type of industrial strainer due to their relatively large element surface area ratio when compared to the inlet and outlet cross-sectional area. Simplex strainers are used to protect pumps and other equipment from particulate and can be offered in cast or custom fabricated designs.

Duplex strainers are used for continuous particle removal when the process cannot be interrupted for basket cleaning.  A duplex strainer diverts the flow from the dirty basket chamber through a clean chamber, enabling the dirty basket to be accessed, cleaned and replaced without any interruption to the process flow.  We offer a variety of duplex strainers including cast and custom fabricated products.

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